Karaoke Tuesdays

Karaoke Tuesday at OMEN – the stage is set, the mic is waiting, and the spotlight is yours! Don’t miss this musical adventure.

Thursday Therapy

Unwind with Thursday Therapy at Omen – a weekly escape into great vibes. Join us for a therapeutic evening, where the ambiance is as delightful as the company. Let the relaxation begin!

Pre's at omen

Kickstart your Fridays at Omen’s “Pre’s” – the ultimate pre-drinks experience. Enjoy vibrant atmospheres, enticing libations, and anticipation for the night ahead. Cheers to the perfect prelude!

Supper CLub

Savor Saturday nights at Omen’s “Supper Club.” Delight in curated menus, good food, and laid-back vibes. Join us for an evening of culinary celebration and relaxation. Cheers to indulgence!